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Welcome to Xpression Music


At Xpression Music, we specialize in teaching a wide range of instruments to people of all ages.
In our brand new location in Medowie NSW, we offer a specially designed space for your creative music needs; including an air-conditioned teaching room and a repairs workshop for all your instrument repairs and restorations.
Lessons at the Xpression studio are fun and relaxed in order to help you or your child express their creative individuality.



  • Keyboard/Piano

  • Guitar Electric/Acoustic

  • Bass Guitar

  • Drums

  • Vocals/Singing

  • Banjo

  • Ukulele

  • Hammond Organ

  • Early Learning Group Classes

  • Ages 3 - 5 Music Basics

  • Ages 5 - 8 All instruments

  • Ages 8 -12 All instruments

  • Adults 

  • Introduction to music classes

Instrument Service, Repair and Restorations
Guitar Strings

For Instrument repair and restoration visit the "Guitar Bar" - our luthier workshop,  for all your stringed instrument needs. 

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Group Classes 


At Xpression Music we offer morning group classes for kids and weekend group classes for all ages. 

Maximum 4 children per group class. 

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